COVID-19 Protocols

Love Your City Theater recognizes the global and local crisis that has affected everyone in the last few months.  With abundance of caution, we postponed our Spring show “Frozen, Jr.” until Fall 2021.  As our state and community began opening up again, we consulted our Board of Directors about the wisest course of action in re-opening the theater.  These conversations were difficult and took place over weeks of deliberation as nothing of this sort has ever happened in our lifetimes.

We are planning to present a summer muscical. We will share the news of an upcoming schedule as soon as possible.

ABOVE ALL, we are committed to adhering to the guidelines set in place by our government.  Should any new declaration require additional safety measures, including the postponing or cancellation of our show, we will comply without hesitation. 

WE UNDERSTAND that not all will feel comfortable or able to attend in this current situation.  We appreciate those who come and those who don’t and look forward to the time when we can meet together without concern.  

We'd love to hear from you. Send us your questions, concerns, or kudos. If a response is needed, we'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks for reaching out!

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